Aged Nickel Sidewinder v5

Aged Nickel Sidewinder v5

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The ultimate lining machine! Period.  For single to loose 18's, this machine can do it smoothly & effortlessly at low volts.  For the V5 I have spared no expense in the quality of components used.  Now featuring a smaller, smoother, stronger motor just recently available this year, that I am happy to offer to my customers.

  • Expect more range from slow the fast, hard or soft as compared to previous models
  • Less mechanical noise
  • Less volts for same speed
  • Better control with smaller groupings as well as more power for large groupings
  • Smaller profile, but same weight as the V4
  • Less vibration
  • Timing marks on frame and cam for easy impact screw tuning
  • Can be used as a shader/packer if you like to shade on the faster side
  • Can be used for effortless stippling (even with larger configurations) if stroke is lengthened and volts are turned down
  • Not intended for use with cartridges.  -I will have a cartridge liner/shader ready soon!!


Hard black nipples are a must for this machine. Custom made in the USA. Designed to work with Sidewinders.  No more shredded nipples!