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Since 2012, I have been on a mission to create a machine that would drive lines effortlessly using cartrages. There have been mayn attemps on all sorts of platforms, and for the longest time I just couldn't get it...unti now!

The hit of this machine feels like a cross between a Sidewinder & Swinger. It has a tiny bit of dampening. It can drive cartridge liners better than anything I have encountered. Unlike the Sidewinder, it lines better when using a bit of the "bog" of the machine with liner groupings of 9-18L. I did intend for it to be more that a "one trick pony," and the hit allows for this versitality.

If you are looking for a punchy macnine that requires no tuning or adjustments, while having the versitalityand convenience of using cartridges, the Swingliner is a great choice. If you are looking for the fastest, effortless, off the tip style liner, and use standard needles, please consider the Sidewinder.

The Swingliner has a ton of punch and was designed primarily as a versital liner, color packer, whip shader, & stipple shader.

Cartridge and Standard needle friendly.

No lube and no tuning involved!

The only adjustment comes from flipping the clipcord polarity.  Positive up will spin the motor clockwise, giving it a "sharp" hit. I prefer this for larger lines, stippling and whip shading. Put the positive down, and the motor spins counterclockwise. This will give the machine a smoother hit, ideal for finer lines adn fill in work with rounds or mags. I recommend playing with the clipcord polarity and making your own decisions about how you like it.

Runs in the 4 - 6.5 volt range.

When usingn cartridges, you may need the shorter drive bars. Also, it is important to make sure the loop on the drive bar isn't too tight. I include a taper pin to spread the loop apart if they bind up on the nipple. I also include nylon nipples that serve as a bearing surface. This allows the needle bar to pivot with the movement of the swing arm.

Patent pending


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