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All sales are first come first serve off my site. I typically post machines on Sunday mornings around 9:00 am US CST (Kansas City) please search your world clock and set an alarm. Everything sells out within hours, sometimes minutes.

In order to help get great machines to great atrists with less cost in duties and taxes, we will be selling machines to Lucky's Tattoo Supply. You can also check out their website to order a machine outstide the US and Canada. Remember, to check with Lucky's for a wholesaler in your area.

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In most cases, it’s the bearing that goes bad first.

Usually this happens from people putting sterilants on the machine.

If using sterilants, keep them away from all moving and electrical parts.

Sterilants are very corrosive, and will ruin the lube in the bearings, and destroy the electrical components.

Do not lube the bearings, and ESPECIALLY NOT THE MOTOR!!

The bearings in the motor and on the machine are grease lubricated, and oil will work against the grease.

Please fill out a repair form on my site. My turnaround is typically approximately 2 weeks, as long as all the proper paperwork is provided.

Dan handles all repairs and replacement parts. Please fill out the repair form or the replacement part form on this website.  

It would be best to use diluted ammonia, or light use of rubbing alcohol., but PLEASE keep it away from the bearings and all moving and electrical components.


It is best to treat your machine with respect, and not get it dirty.

If ink starts sucking up the tube, you either have a bad solder on the needle, or not a proper bend.

Fix the issue before it gets all over the bearings.

Surging motor/ speed fluctuation.


1: Bad clip cord

2: Loose motor. The motors are grounded to themselves, and if the motor isn’t snug in the frame, the current will be interrupted, causing speed fluctuation.

****BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVER TIGHTEN THE MOTOR! Usually, 1/4 turn past snug is more than enough. Depending on model of machine, the motor may be positioned to be more prone to getting crushed.

I have since solved these issues, but cannot change the past.

3: Bad bearing.

4: Cam or moving part rubbing on the frame.

5: Pivot points are out of tolerance, and binding up the up and down action. **This is something I need to fix. Please fill out a repair form.

6: Solder on motor has broken loose.

7: Damaged/contaminated bearing in motor. *In most cases, it’s usually something else, and not a bad motor: however; if the machine is ran for an extended period of time with an unresolved problem, it will damage

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Review my videos in the Tuning and Repair section for further explainations or feel free to contact me via E-mail or a Repair Form.