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    Maintenance, Service & Parts Requests

    For machines older than 3 years please contact our fully trained service techs.

    In the United States

    Russell Blankenship(located in North Carolina)

    Ryan Adams (located in Indiana)

    In Europe

    Greg Howie (located in France)


    Dan's Repair prices are based on cost of shipping, parts, and labor.

    Shop rate is $150/hr. Repairs are based on 45 min - 1 hour collective time involved. (including emailing, packaging, and miscellaneous logistics)


    *** For original owners with proof of purchase***

    One year limited warranty for manufactures defects only. (shipping charges may apply)

    Please note my business consists of only my wife and myself. I am continually striving to make machines easier to service, however, most of the older models have so many small differences it is difficult to direct a customer on how to fix it or what parts to replace. To be fixed correctly the first time these machines should be sent back in.

    Thank you for your support, Dan

    Expect a response from Dan within 5 business days.

    If not, please resubmit.

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