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    Care Sheet: Swingliner 2

    Swingliner V2 Care Sheet

    For use with cartridges only!

    Keep sterilants away from electrical connections and moving parts!

    -Try using Barbacide (see dilution instructions on bottle!) or rubbing alcohol, as they are less corrosive.

    The polarity of the clipcord changes the hit!
    -If your clipcord is properly marked, positive up will give a harder hit, positive down is slightly passive.  (red signifies the positive lead)
    -For lower volt applications with high tension cartridges, it is best to run positive down (less strain on the motor)
    The plunger bar is removable and replaceable!  Simply pull off with pliers.  Press in with hand pressure.  Be sure to support the drive bar receiver with your thumb so there is not undue strain on the swingarm.   For standard length, cut a drive bar to 65mm (6.5cm or 2.55inches)
    -Standard plunger tip is 3mm!  Some brands, such as T-tech are larger.  It is important to use their drive bar if using their grip.  -If the plunger tip wears out, or is too loose in the grip, the machine will sound and feel rattly.  Do yourself a favor and use a good metal grip!
    Unplug the machine when not in use!  If power is put to the machine, and the motor doesn’t turn, immediately “bump start” it.   Putting power to a motor with the motor stalled can damage it.  (This goes for all motors)
    Please take care of your machine.  It doesn’t need to be ran all the way up in order to do it’s job efficiently.  Love your machine & it will love you back.
    With all machines, especially with cartridges, it is good practice to rest the machine every 15 minutes for 1-2 minutes.  This will keep the bearing lubrication form burning up.
    4-6 volts is the ideal working range.

    Thank you & enjoy!  -Dan