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    Care Sheet: Mojobox 2

    Mojobox V2 Information

    Mojobox V2 Care Sheet 

    Normal operating range: 5.3 - 6 volts for lining, 4 - 5.5 volts for shading.

    The up stroke dial on the top rear of the machine controls the hit.  It mainly comes into effect once over 5.3 volts, when more momentum is put on the armature bar.  The higher the number, the harder it will hit.  *Please use common sense & not run it on high volts with a high setting on the upstroke wheel.

    There is an impact screw on the forward part of the armature bar.  Over time, the machine will lose its snap, as the screw will settle in  This is when it needs to be reset.  The bar should be parallel to the frame when pushed down, and make a crisp, clean sound at 5 volts when the screw is set properly.

    It is good practice to use the machine with minimal stops and starts, but let it rest for a minute every 15 minutes if it starts to get too warm.  (Usually at higher volts with a longer upstroke setting)

    Please keep sterilants to a minimum.  Barbacide is a good, non-corrosive sterilant to use if needed. 

    Enjoy your machine!