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Which Machine Will Fit My Needs the Best?

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With such an assortment, one may wonder which machine is going to fit their needs the best.

The newest addition is the cartridge specific Swingliner V2. Such a simple, efficient, versatile machine for the simplified tattooer.  Intended to be a competent cartridge liner, it  makes for a very effective color packer, and even smooth enough for softer shading. (based on clipcord polarity) 

For those wanting the ultimate precision liner that can also perform low volt/low speed tasks; nothing beats the Sidewinder V7. Now on version 7.3..what's that about?  I modified the armature bar pivot mounting arrangement to keep it very stable.                                                                  

Lastly, the Remastered Mojobox.  It is the perfect compliment to the Sidewinder.  While the Sidewinder is a precision liner that can shade, The Mojobox is an efficient shader that is a capable liner.  It has that coil like snap, but a little duller and heavier in comparison to the Sidewinder.  Ideal for the artist who wants to "set" the needles in the skin as opposed to "floating" them.  Still very efficient, and pops the needles in as a good machine should.        

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