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Repairs - What can I expect?

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My goal for the tattoo industry is to bring needed innovation to artists, but innovation has its tribulations.  Here is what to expect if your machine needs to be repaired.

Repair prices are based on cost of shipping, parts, and labor.  My shop rate is $150 an hour.  Repairs are based on 45 minutes to 1 hour of collective time involved.  That includes fixing the machine, emailing, packaging, and other miscellaneous logistics.  Parts for most of the repairs that come in run about $50 for replacements and updates.  If a motor needs to be replaced on a V5-V6 Sidewinder, Swingliner, or DMC there is an additional cost of $50.  Shipping charges are as follows:  USA - $25, Canada - $50, All Other Countries - $65.  We are a small company and are not able to get the same price breaks on shipping as the big companies like amazon.  For original owners with proof of purchase I have a limited one year warranty for manufacture defects only.  If the machine has been misused, neglected, or otherwise molested the warranty does not apply.   I am continually striving to make machines easier to service.  However, most older models have so many small differences it is difficult to direct customers how to fix it or what parts to replace with out actually seeing the machine.  For these older models it really is better to just send it in.  That way it is fixed and updated the right way the first time. 

To keep innovating and bringing the best quality machines to the artists takes time.  My business is my wife and myself.  In order to keep innovating and get quality machines out to people I have licensed Workhorse Irons to sell and service my tried and true machines.  I am really excited about this.  This will allow me to develop new products in much smaller batches.  The goal is to keep a much closer eye on the performance and potential mechanical pitfalls.  I am excited that Workhorse Irons will be able to provide artists with my tried and true machines while I continue to innovate and bring out new and exciting products.  

Thank you for all your support through the years.

Dan Kubin


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