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Newly Remastered Sidewinder V3R Available at Workhorse Irons!

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This rotary liner is one of my favorites.  It  effortlessly sinks any size line by just grazing the skin. It is now easier to tune and has the silent option by adding o- rings to the a-bar.  (1.5mm thick x 4mm I.D.)   It is fully adjustable.  This machine is more of a professional's instrument rather than a "plug and play" machine.  

What’s new about it??  

Mainly, a numbered stroke dial.  You can easily play with the stroke without fear of losing that sweet spot.  You can’t make it too long or too short.

I also made a timing mark on the cam and frame for setting the impact screw. (Just like the V5 and V6)

The motor is the same that I put in the  V2-V4 Sidewinder, which has proven the test of time.  It has been a favorite from my long time Sidewinder collectors.

Can be used as a shader/packer, but does best running on the faster side.

For Standard needles only PLEASE.  (for a cartridge friendly liner, please check out the DMC)

For Sidewinder Tuning and Repair videos click here

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*Full value is declared on all orders outside the US.  Customer is responsible for all duties and taxes. *

Be sure to use round tube tips to prevent spitting.

This machine is available only at Workhorse Irons

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