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Machines are posted on Sundays between 9a.m. and 12p.m. CST. Check your world clock for Chicago time.

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I've been tattooing since 2005. I've always been drawn in by the traditional styled tattoos.

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Tattooing Style

Coming from a craftsman background, I find it very important to make tattoos "structurally sound".

Basically, I put a lot of thought into the longevity factor of a tattoo.  Along with longevity, I find it necessary to maintain a sense of timelessness in the designs.

I prefer working predominantly with black.  If I use color, I like to use it sparingly and with a limited palette to make the most impact.  

I prefer my clients to come to me with a rough idea that we can collaborate on to make something original. 

In contrast, I also love being able to do one of the classics, like a crawling panther or Rock of Ages design.

I like to work efficiently, and prefer to finish tattoos in one sitting.